Metal Detector

Metal Detector Introduction

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 Metal Detector Metal Detector Metal Detector


Digital phase shifter and detection technology;

Stable performance;

High detection sensitivity;

Strong anti- interference ability;

Lower price;

Convenient operation and maintenance;

Long service life;

【Product Structure】

Metal DetectorMetal Detector

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It uses the changing signal that produced when the metal enter into the sensor electromagnetic field, and through electronic technology to process and drive an actuator (electromagnet, motor switch) in order to remove harmful metals.

【Technical Parameters】

Model JTQ-500 JTQ -650 JTQ -800 JTQ -1000 JTQ -1200 JTQ -1400
Suitable for Belt Width (mm) 500 650 800 1000 1200 1400
Long Shaft with Inner Bore (mm) 700 850 950 1150 1370 1590
Short Shaft with Inner Bore (mm) 330 330 370 410 510 610
Max. Sensitivity for Normal Ore (mm) 20 ~25 25 ~30 25 ~30 35 ~40 45 ~50 55 ~60
Max. Sensitivity for Magnetic Ore (mm) 30 35 40 50 60 70

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Our Goals:

"Providing comprehensive mining development solutions, manufacturing mining machinery products with advanced technology, environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving technology, and achieving maximization value for global mining customers."

Our Vission:

"Based in China, Xinhai wants to be one of world top developers, manufacturers, service providers and engineering contractors of mining technology and mining machinery."


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1,200t/d mineral processing plant of Bulsowa in Tanzania was an EPC project contracted by Xinhai, Xinhai provided thickening, leaching, desorption.

Species : gold ore

Capacity: 1200t/d

Process : adopts all-slime cyanidation process with thickening, leaching and desorption electrolysis process, dry tailings stacking